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Live Online Dec 4th - 5th

Kingdom Citizen on Fire Virtual Summit

2 Days of Transformational Information From Leading Experts In Kingdom Empowerment For Success!


 Join Us Live Online Dec 4th - 5th

Presentations and Interviews From 9 Experts In Kingdom Entrepreneurship Over 2 Days
  • Create More Freedom in your Life & Business!
  • ​By the end of the 2 days you’ll feel more on Fire and Confident to go pursue your Dreams​



The 7 Power Principles Of Goal Setting

 Session One Starts at: 11am EST

Michael is a Super Hero Life Coach. He Consults With and Help Individuals, Organizations, Community and Corporate Groups Uncover and Reclaim Power in order to Achieve their own meaningful Objectives, and to Lead their Personally Particular, Authentic, Heroic Lives. He works with a wide range of clients moving towards all iterations of their own heroism. 

A Cancer Survivor with Addiction Recovery experience, and a Martial Arts and Fitness Instructor, I work with People Battling Physical and other illness who seek Lifestyle Transformation, as well as Guiding Clients to Achieve Life-changing relationship, career, and other goals. I created and facilitate the full-day Workshop, Super Hero Revolution. In 2016, I graduated from Accomplishment Coaching, an ICF (International Coach Federation) Accredited Program (ACTP), widely regarded as an Excellent Coaching Program.

Currently, Michael is writing a Memoir about Thriving through the Process of Surviving Cancer, with an Emphasis on the Healing Powers of Positive Thought, Intention, Connection, and Action, the Elements of Personal Super Heroism employed in my Life Coaching work. I have written Magazine Articles and Spoken in a variety of Professional settings on topics such as Personal Empowerment, Stress Management, Time Management, Customer Service Excellence, and Wellness, and Authored The ABCs of Super Heroism. I have written, directed, and produced local television Commercials, as well as Plays for Regional Theater.

My Business Founding and Management background includes Supervising and Serving extensive numbers of Employees and Clients in a Broad Spectrum of Fields, and has contributed to my Successful Ability to Connect and work with people from all walks of life. Prior company founding or co-founding and management experience includes: Super Hero Martial Arts Academy; Chatham Printing Company, Inc., Eck Mailing Services; Fast Forward Video; Eck Brothers Superhero Renovators, and Mad Dawg's Rock n' Roll Saloon.

Additionally, I have appeared as an actor in advertisements and in major and supporting roles in dramatic productions for stage, television, and film.

Michael Eck
Business & Personal Coach and An Author

The Importance Of Taking Care Of You And Following Your Passion

 Session Two Starts at: 12pm EST

Helena Bentil is a Christian, A Simple Young Lady of God. I am a believer and I have a super crazy faith in God. I am the CEO and the President of "Jalena Foundation" and "Rewriting The Rules Relations Group" Located in Ghana and the USA. Helena is a lover of Kids, Teens and Young Adults. 

Helena favorite phrase is "With God All Things Are Possible" and She believes that With God, Determination and Hard-work we can all Move Mountains.
Helena is a Professional, Thorough and Knowledgeable Social Worker, experienced in Clinical Care Setting and Support for Patients with Substance Use Disorders, Mental Health Issues and Trauma.

 Detail-Oriented, Hardworking and Resourceful with Good Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Abilities.

Helena holds Masters Degree in Social Work with the Specialization in Health/Mental Health. Helena currently work as a Therapist and a Life Coach.  

Helena Bentil
Health/Mental Health Specialist, A Therapist & Life Coach

Overcoming Your Limiting Belief So You Can Pursue Your Purpose

 Session Three Starts at: 1pm EST

Dr. Vincent Oppong is a dynamic young man called to preach the good news of the kingdom of God. As a preacher and teacher, he combines the wisdom from the word of God and the experiences of life coupled with the lessons of the most successful people who have walked on the surface of the earth.
Dr. Vincent heart for the young to empower them to impact their world drove him to be part of the John Maxwell team.

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, Dr Vincent offers workshops, seminars, keynote speaking and coaching, aiding people with their personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John Maxwell's proven leadership method.

Dr. Vincent has the skills to work together with individuals and organizations to move them in the desired direction to reach their goals. He is very passionate in seeing people become all they were born to be. And understands the struggles we all have to face and the hurdle we have to jump in order to become that person. 

Yet, Dr. Vincent believes there are always people positioned in our lives to help us. As one of those people passionate about helping people achieve their goals, Vincent is here to help you overcome those limiting beliefs that has hold you back from becoming all you were born to be.
Dr. Vincent Oppong acquired his bachelors degree in Physical Science (Chemistry) from the University of Cape Coast - Ghana, He has his Master's Degree in Divinity and holds Honorary Degree as a doctor of divinity from Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Faisalabad, Pakistan due to his commitment to the work of the ministry helping the poor and orphans in that part of the world. 

Dr. Vincent is married to Rita and they are blessed with two daughters. He is currently the founder of Heirs of God Mandate, USA, Ghana and Kenya.

Dr.Vincent Oppong
Leadership Trainer & Member of John Maxwell Leadership Team

My Trip To Heaven And The Three Pillars

 Session Four Starts at: 2pm EST

Sharon Rogles is a Relentless Motivational Speaker, Retreat Host, Local Leader and Activist and Impacts all her Life Touches. Her strength is Raising, Challenging, and Inspiring Kingdom-Minded Leaders to Stand Boldly, Raise the Bar of Boldness, and Demonstrate results of Faith. She loves to create a Miracle Climate Lifestyle.

 A visit to heaven released a Bold Faith and Rebellious Love that refuses to give up on a Broken World & which is why she challenges others to get into Action Now. Whether it's a Regional Prayer Drive or Freedom Rally in NC, Speaking on the Radio, Hosting Retreats in India or the USA, local weekly Meetings or Online Coaching she's there for you.

 Her Energy and Bold Faith is Contagious. (Mother of Five, Loves hanging out with Warrior types, Plays Guitar and Loves Wine and Chocolate)

Sharon Rogles 
Motivational Speaker, Activists, Kingdom Builder, Kingdom Influencer, Founder & CEO Joan Of Arc


Pursuing Your Purpose

 Session One Starts at: 11am EST

Dr. Dennis Bentil is a Prolific Speaker on a Mission to Inspire, Motivate and Encourage People to Raise above the Norm. He combines the word of God, His Personal Experience and Relatable Life Lessons from others to help his Audience Discover their God Given Purpose.

He also Teaches People how to Pursue their Passion and turn it into a profit. he has Multiple WhatsApp Group which is geared towards daily Inspirational/Motivation and also Praying and Counseling his audience. He Incorporates Story Telling to make his Speech Relatable, Informative and Captivating.

He speaks Fluent Chinese, He is a Singer/Song Writer, A Content Creator, a Husbands and a Physician. 

Dr. Dennis Bentil
Doctor, Filmmaker, Motivational Speaker, Counselor & Influencer 

Stewarding Your Body For God's Purpose

 Session Two Starts at: 12pm EST

Judy Handwerker is a committed Christian who ardently loves the Word of God. After Twenty Two Years in Banking, she became a “Kingdom Entrepreneur” and launched her own Wellness Business. She is the Owner of Judy Global Wholeness, LLC dba as Wonderfully Whole®. She is a Wellness Minister, a Certified Health Coach, AFAA Personal and Group Fitness Trainer, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist. She has worked with children as young 5 years old and adults in their seventies because she believes no one is too young or too old to start on their “wellness journey”.

Her lifelong mission is to help individuals become fit, healthy and “Wonderfully Whole® to fulfill purpose. Her “ Temple Care” workshops challenge individuals in the “ Body of Christ” with the importance of the Word of God in preventative health and wholeness. She has hosted Wellness conferences where she presented the Biblical perspective together with the scientific approach of Health Professionals. Her famous statement is “As Believers we have the Edge in Wellness”.

Judy is also an ordained Minister and Praise Dance Minister. She has taught Praise Dance to Children, Teenagers and Adults. She has ministered in “Prophetic Worship” in Kenya and South Africa and continues to minister in Worship throughout the Northeast. An Author of two Books, A Devotional, Joy to Go: The Elixir of Champions! and The Main Ingredient for Wellness: 

A Biblical Perspective to Wholeness! And is the Creator of “Shower Power Prayer Cards”! She is available for speaking engagements, workshops and Conferences. Visit her website
She lives in Connecticut with her Husband, Ken.  

Judy Handwerker
Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, NASM Fitness & Nutritional Specialist

Seven Laws Of Success

 Session Three Starts at: 1pm EST

Pastor Kwame Achampong is the Founder of Gifted Church based in Virginia. He is a Chemist by Profession, A Gospel Recording Artist and An Author. He is Married and blessed with Two Beautiful Girls.

Kwame Achampong
Founder Of Gifted Church, A Chemist, A Gospel Recording Artist & An Author

You Are Called To Write A Book

 Session Four Starts at: 2pm EST

Mercy Myles-Jenkins was born and raised in London, England, with Ghanaian heritage. She currently resides in Massachusetts with her family. She graduated at the University of East London with a BA Hons in Social Science &
Social Work and has worked in Human Services for 30 years. Mercy began her entrepreneurial journey in 2017. She took a step of faith after realizing that her skills of business development, client transformations, and staff development enabled her to cause her employer to far exceed their company goals for
several years in the workforce development arena.

Mercy is an ordained pastor of Christ Church International Springfield, an
apostolic-prophetic church. Mercy has written 5 books on overcoming Spiritual  Abuse (aka Church Hurt) and believes that 'Spiritual Health is Mental Health' and encourages the church to support this forgotten group.

Mercy became a certified Life Coach to pursue her passion for empowering women that have experienced Spiritual Abuse. She supports them to overcome the experience, to fulfill their life's purpose, and create a life that they can be proud of. In her latest book Rebuild, Reset and Recover; 7 Steps to Spiritual Abuse Recovery, she lays out the  steps to heal, recover and rebuild a new happier life. 

As an Author, Mercy encouraged others to write their stories. This led to her becoming a Book Coach/Mentor with a successful Book Coaching program. She started her company Legacy Driven Consulting as a mission to inspire and equip  women to build their legacy by leading with their expertise in a book and a mic to amplify their message. Mercy empowers women who were hidden, to emerge  and evolve powerfully in the world as their authentic self.

Mercy Myles-Jerkins
Certified Life Coach, Pastor, Author, Trainer & CEO of Legacy Driven Consulting

The Power Of You

 Session One Starts at: 11am EST

Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth". God was introduced to the Universe in this chapter as "A Creator" and in Genesis 1:26, “Let us make Mankind in our Image, in our Likeness" God made You and I  to possess the same Moral Characteristics and to Function like Him. You are a very Powerful Being on Earth. Y. O. U. (Your Original You) is God dwelling in a Body. God has given you Power and Authority to Represent Him on Earth since He (God) is "SPIRIT".

He is a Creator and so he made You with Creative Ability. He is Powerful and so has He Empowered You to have Dominion over everything he made present on this Physical Planet. Such Mindset is what George brings to his Environment. He believes "with God all things are possible" and so I am Possible. The only Limitations we have as children of God is our Inability to Identify what we are Made Up Of.

It is my desire to Help all those around me and far to Discover and Identify Who They Really Are, Y. O. U. (Your Original You). I Request that you join me as we Embark on a Journey of Discovering our True Self hence the birth of "Kingdom Citizen On Fire" 

George Boadu
Kingdom Influencer, Business Owner, Master of Ceremonies,
K. C. O. F

Living From Your Identity in Jesus Christ

 Session One Starts at: 3pm EST

Sober since 2001, Rob Lohman currently helps people suffering from
substance abuse to find freedom from addiction and incarceration. He
does this through sharing his testimony, Professional Interventions and
Recovery Coaching, Advocacy, Self-Published Author and being the host
of Beyond The Bars Radio Podcast and the Addiction, Freedom & Faith

Rob has been through the ringer, AND keeps bouncing back. His rap
sheet includes alcohol and drug addiction, gambling addiction, divorce,
bankruptcies, mental health and suicide ideation, prison, recovery and
transformation.  Rob's drinking career started at age 14 which lead to some very dark places in his life. The climax of Rob's drinking career happened on June 7, 2001 with a suicide attempt interrupted by the compassion of his dog Jake. 

Upon a divine intervention, Rob was freed from his substance abuse addiction which  began a rollercoaster ride in which Rob has yet to take another drink or drug since that day. In year eleven (11) of his sobriety journey, Rob had an emotional nervous breakdown which lead to a thirteen (13) year prison sentence, to which he was released in 10.5 months to a halfway house where he started to rebuild his life, along with his two children and wife who decided to remain married to Rob after the breakdown. 

Rob is now invests in the lives of those wanting to see positive change, whether it is coming out of  addiction, prison or just wanting more for their lives. He is a dynamic speaker and shares an extremely powerful journey of persistence, faith and inspiration.  

Rob Lohman
Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast, Author, Coach & Kingdom Influencer, 







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